Cleaning and Care Horsham is a veteran cleaning company with a lot of experience gained through the years. We recognise people’s needs and we are adept at solving their sanitation problems. As a result of our efforts and constant drive to improve, we have become one of the most popular cleaning companies in the area. Our group of cleaners has been in business for about a decade but we are certain that the best is yet to come.

Our philosophy is that affordability is a vital part of the purification services we offer. Expensive rates are not common for us as always strive to give the best deals to our clients. We operate in a transparent and easy to see way – completely in accordance with the actual services we provide. Another thing that sets us apart from others is the fact that we like to always have versatile deals, promotions and various packages. Thanks to this, our customers always get exactly what they want as we can tailor our carpet cleaning services to the needs of the users.

Heavy investments have also been put into personnel training. Preparation and knowledge are essential to our sanitation business as it is not the clients’ job to know how a cleaning problem should be approached. Professionalism is one of our strongest traits and this is why we ask a lot from our technicians. They are able to find the solution to any cleaning task you might have, regardless of how tough it might be. We can attack stagnant stains, dirt spots, chemical spills and many others in order to ensure that there is no cleaning project we will not be able to handle.

None of our success would be possible without the presence of high quality cleaning detergents. We possess commercial grade sanitation solutions which make all the difference. Our experts realise that tough cleaning jobs require special measures. None of the purification materials we use contain bleach or are toxic. We try to work in a very eco-friendly fashion and we have significantly expanded our knowledge on how to achieve this.